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Key Dates

Year Event
1908 Mr. Hyozo Omori, a graduate of YMCA International Training School(Springfield College), introduces volleyball to Japan at the Tokyo YMCA.
1927 The Japan Volleyball Association is established and joins the Japan Sports Association.
1928 Mr. Ryozo Hiranuma becomes the JVA’s first president.
1943 Mr. Michio Sasaki becomes the JVA’s second president.
1947 Representatives of 14 countries meet in Paris to establish the Federation Internationale de Volleyball(FIVB).
1948 Mr. Masaichi Nishikawa becomes the JVA’s third president.
1951 The Japan Volleyball Association joins the FIVB.
1955 The international six-player rule is officially introduced in Japan.
1964 The “Oriental Witches,” the women’s team led by Mr. Hirobumi Daimatsu, claim gold at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.
1967 Japan hosts the women’s World Championship for the first time.
1967 The Japan League starts with six men’s teams and six women’s teams.
1972 The Japan men’s team, led by Mr. Yasutaka Matsudaira, wins the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Munich.
1973 The Japan Volleyball Association becomes an incorporated foundation.
1976 The Japan women’s team, led by Mr. Shigeo Yamada, wins the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Montreal.
1977 Japan hosts the World Cup for the first time.
1978 On 10th July, Mr. Shoji Iki becomes the JVA’s fourth president.
1985 Mr. Yasutaka Matsudaira becomes president of the Asian Volleyball Confederation and holds the position until March 1996.
1989 On 1st April, Mr. Yasutaka Matsudaira becomes the JVA’s fifth president.
1996 Beach Volleyball becomes an official Olympic sport.
1996 On 28th June, Mr. Tsutomu Murai becomes the JVA’s sixth president.
2003 On 28th June, Mr. Masao Tachiki becomes the JVA’s seventh president
2010 The Japan women’s team, led by Mr. Masayoshi Manabe, wins the Bronze Medal at the World Championship for the first time in 32 years.
2011 On February 1st, the Japan Volleyball Association becomes a public interest incorporated foundation.
2011 On May 17th, Mr. Taizaburo Nakano becomes the JVA’s eighth president.
2012 The Japan women’s team, led by Mr. Masayoshi Manabe, wins the Bronze Medal at the Olympic Games in London for the first time in 28 years.
2013 On June 22nd, Dr. Yuichiro Hamu becomes the JVA’s ninth president.
2015 On June 23rd, Mr. Kenji Kimura becomes the JVA’s tenth president.
2017 On August 29th, Mr. Kenji Shimaoka becomes the JVA’s eleventh president.
2022 On March 22nd, Mr. Shunichi KAWAI becomes the JVA’s twelfth president.
2023 On April 1st, Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado named Honorary President of Japan Volleyball Association.
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